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Publisher : Academic Perspective

Journal DOI : 10.33793/acperpro
Journal eISSN : 2667-5862

Year :2021, Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages: 232-239
Characterization Of Zinc Coating By Sherardizing
Ekrem Altuncu;Ali Selen
Keywords: Zinc coating, Sherardizing, Corrosion, Surface Treatment, Coating Thickness, Coating Thickness Measurement
    @article{acperproISITES2021ID34, author={Altuncu, Ekrem and Selen, Ali}, title={Characterization Of Zinc Coating By Sherardizing}, journal={Academic Perspective Procedia}, eissn={2667-5862}, volume={4}, year=2021, pages={232-239}}
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    Altuncu, E. , Selen, A.. (2021). Characterization Of Zinc Coating By Sherardizing. Academic Perspective Procedia, 4 (1), 232-239. DOI: 10.33793/acperpro.04.01.34
    %0 Academic Perspective Procedia (ACPERPRO) Characterization Of Zinc Coating By Sherardizing% A Ekrem Altuncu , Ali Selen% T Characterization Of Zinc Coating By Sherardizing% D 10/16/2021% J Academic Perspective Procedia (ACPERPRO)% P 232-239% V 4% N 1% R doi: 10.33793/acperpro.04.01.34% U 10.33793/acperpro.04.01.34
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